Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Exuberant Antics of My Alarm Clocks

Dear John,
I had another busy day off running errands. It started early when the animals woke me up at first light.
I was sleeping peacefully. Jethro was on your side of the bed with one paw on top of my head. (That's one of his favorite positions. I have no idea why. Lately he has to have one paw on top of my head.) Hunter was sprawled across my left side and Abby was spread out over my feet.
The first thing I knew was the leaping-up of the cats. Abby was the first to reach the headboard and start trying to climb it. She seemed to be looking at something higher up on the wall, but I couldn't see anything. Then Hunter joined her. Since he's bigger he could reach farther, and batted at a spider on the wall. The spider fell down behind the headboard and onto the floor under the bed. The cats rushed to join him, and I am certain that he met with an expeditious demise. Hunter and Abby re-emerged with a positive swagger and lay back down where they had been. Assured that the excitement was over, Jethro wanted to go out. It was hopeless for me to attempt sleep after such effervescent entertainment, so I let the dog out, got the laptop, and started my day. You should have been here.
The remainder of my day could only be anticlimactic. I had a massage therapy appointment, which I desperately needed after standing thirty hours in church last week. Then I went to the co-op and Walmart, got part-of-a-tank of gas (the price went up again), and delivered some vitamin water to Jen (since Elyssa is home with the local tummy upset, poor baby) and stayed and visited with her for a bit. But nothing could quite compare with the antics of my furry alarm clocks.
What do cats do for entertainment in Heaven? Do they play with other animals? I'm sure Mama loves having a Heaven-full of cats to play with. Go and do likewise! It will get you ready for Hunter and Abby's arrival - they will expect their Daddy to play with them.
Your furry and non-furry family miss you,

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