Friday, April 25, 2014

On Hallways

Dear John,
I worked my last day for Kathy, and it was a good one. She took me out to lunch at the new Culver's on south US 33. It was good - my first thought was that you'd like it and I needed to take you there. The south-of-town strip has a good place to eat now. But you really would like it.
So I'm between jobs. I'm sad about leaving the old job and happy about starting the new one. Sometimes I'm nervous and sometimes I'm excited. All of this appears to be perfectly normal.
Sorry about the interruption - the cats were wrestling with Jethro looking on, and it was adorable. You really would love these guys.
I do know that I will need to do some clothes and shoe shopping. Tell Mama that I'll finally be wearing business clothes. Remember in the 1980s, how she wanted to buy me business suits, but I worked in scrubs and had nowhere to wear them, and she was so disappointed? Well, now I'll be wearing business clothes, so be sure to tell her. And say that I wish she and I could go shopping together. It would be nice if she and Daddy hadn't saddled me with size 10-narrow feet. That's inconvenient.
I'm in the hallway between a closed door and an open one. It's a bit anxious here, but that's okay. The place behind the last door was good, and the place behind the next one will be, too.
Thanks for all the hallways you've walked with me,

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