Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ring Them Bells, Marilyn!

Dear John,
It's been a day of bells. Or maybe dingdongs. But first, I felt better this morning so I had a normal work day instead of going to the doctor. I hope it keeps up. My throat feels better, but the problem seems to have divided itself between my nose and my chest. Decision about tomorrow is pending.
On the way to work I heard Marilyn McCoo singing "One Less Bell to Answer." Or, I could have heard it, if I hadn't learned over these last two years that nothing good comes from listening to that song. "One less" sums up this life, doesn't it? There's one less of and in everything - one less bell, less egg for breakfast, less toothbrush (okay, purist, that's fewer, not less), less love, less companionship, less help to carry life's loads. And on the way home I heard a song that I don't think I've heard since it left the charts, "Stay Awhile" by The Bells:."Into my room he creeps without making a sound. Into my dreams he peeps, with his hair all long and hanging down. How he makes me quiver; how he makes me smile. With all the love I have to give him, I guess I'm gonna stay with him awhile."
And this is what the bells are all about today - living with one less, and wanting you to come peep into my dreams. You could sum it up by saying that, with all the love we have to give, with how you made me smile, I wish you could have stayed with me awhile longer.
Worship the ground you walk on,

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