Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Catbabies are Coming!

Dear John,
I've had a busy, happy day until the last few minutes. Let's start at the beginning.
I had to go to the bank, so I made the loop downtown first thing this morning. I ran into a few people that I know and had a good time visiting. I took the gas can with me and filled it up for the mower.
After breakfast I got the mower out. I put oil and gas in it and did the first mowing of the season. I enjoyed it like I always do. But I felt better afterward than I did last summer because went slower this time. I figured out that I really don't have to walk the whole yard as fast as I possibly can. The lawn isn't going anywhere and I'm not 16 anymore. I got a good workout anyway, and I wasn't completely exhausted at the end of it.
I'd planned on having lunch then going back out to work on the flower beds, but Animal Planet was showing a marathon of My Cat from Hell, so I got stuck inside. And that was probably a good thing. I shouldn't do everything in the yard on my first day out - I have to be at church in the morning and start a new job on Monday. It forced me to be sensible.
Your Babies
In the meantime, I'm learning about cats. The show really is good and educational. You should watch it - it would help prepare you for the day Hunter and Abby will arrive there and come looking for you. Remember that you do have catbabies coming! You always said you liked the big cats but not the domestic ones. You'll be surprised how little difference there is.
Anyway: The lawn is mowed and the laundry is done. I enjoyed the day until about half an hour ago when the sun started going down. That hasn't changed in these two years - I miss you so much more after the sun goes down. Evenings and nights are sad. I'll feel better in the morning. Until then, know that I love and miss you with all my heart, and I can't wait until I'm there with you. And the yard looks respectable.
Adore you,

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