Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Your OCD Human

Dear John,

I had another good day. I spent most of the day on the computer, learning how to find information for customers and starting to learn transactions. It's like playing a really great computer game, one where you organize stuff. Since this is me, that's fun.
You were always so nice about my love of organizing stuff. The first day I was out of bed after the car accident in 2011, I pulled everything out of the linen closet and reorganized it. I'd just spent three weeks recovering from the accident, and that was the first thing I wanted to do. Most people would put that kind of behavior down to the head injury. But you knew better - you knew I was just having fun.
I suppose you benefited from my organize-everything hobby, but you were still very gracious about indulging it. I didn't move furniture around very often; this house doesn't present a lot of options for furniture placement. But what I really love is organizing smaller things - rearranging closets and drawers and storage areas. You took me to The Container Store and let me buy things. You were a wonderful enabler, bless you!
Now I have a job that involves organizing things. The more I learn about the job, the better the fit appears to be. I'm happy about this, and grateful for it. But don't worry - I'll have plenty of organizing drive left over for home!
Adore you,

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