Thursday, May 15, 2014

Memories of Spring and Crabapples

Dear John,
We had a nice week of spring this year. Today's high was 51 and we have a frost advisory for tonight. It's The Winter That Wouldn't Die. The best thing I can say is that it isn't snowing. I was afraid of this, after the long hard winter we had, so I haven't planted my window boxes yet. It seems that's a good thing.
On the good side, our crabapple trees are finally blooming. I remember the day we planted them. They've gotten so big since then. And the one to the east, the one you put into the ground crooked, is still crooked. I've gotten rather fond of it's crookedness. We used anniversary money from your mother and went to the nursery in Mishawaka. I told them I wanted two crabapple trees with a spreading habit and medium-pink flowers. They showed me Prairie Fire, with the leaves green on the top and burgundy on the bottom, and I fell in love with them. They're beautiful all year round, and the birds love to eat the crabapples. It's nice to look at them and remember the day we went out together and got them.
I had a good day at work. I was on the drive-up window by myself today. Everything went well - no excitement, balanced with no problems. Tomorrow will be a long day - 7:30 - 6:00. The next day will be my first Saturday to work. The bank closes at noon, then I'll come home and mow. It should be cool and dry - a good day to work in the yard.
For now, I'm looking out the window - it looks like spring and feels like winter. I even closed the house yesterday and turned on the heat. But it's not actually snowing, so we're still ahead!
Adore you no matter what season it is,

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