Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mint Juleps v. Broad Hips

Dear John,
Today I pretended to be you again. I mowed for the second time this year and trimmed for the first time. The yard looks good.
Then I tackled the flowerbeds and got two out of three done. I cleared out last year's leaves, cut back the ornamental grasses, weeded, and cut back last year's peonies and sedum. All that's left is that small east bed, and pruning the three roses in the front. If the rain hold offs, I may do that tomorrow after church. That is, I may if I can bend over tomorrow. I'm stiff and sore - in a good way - and just took some Motrin. While all that was going on I did laundry, and ran the dishwasher after the laundry was out of the washer. It's almost 7:00 now, so the vacuuming will have to wait.
That's all - just a normal busy Saturday. The Derby is today - I forgot that until I checked Facebook this morning. It never was on our radar. I remember when we were in college - it was a big thing, but it was usually right before finals so we were way too busy to think about it. It was one of the penalties of a math/science major.

If it was a race between draft horses instead of thoroughbreds, everybody around here would be all over it. We got so accustomed to Belgians that thoroughbreds looked anorexic to us. Thoroughbreds are bred for speed. Horses here are bred to be healthy, hearty working horses. And, as I've said before, being behind a Belgian can make anybody feel narrow in the hips.
So today at Churchill Downs people are wearing big hats, drinking mint juleps, and watching the run for the roses. Here we're working in our yards, wearing bandanas, pruning roses, and drinking lots of water when it's over. The Derby is fine, but I like it here where horses pull farm equipment and buggies, and have great big muscles. And broad hips.
Adore you,

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