Friday, May 9, 2014

MST3K & Cat Projectiles

Dear John,
The day started out with a bang. You know Hunter often comes up on the bed and sleeps on me. Around 2:00 AM he came up, but this time he jumped onto me and not the bed. It's amazing how much force hits you when a 12 1/2 pound cat comes flying through the air. I was sound asleep, and I let out a blood-curdling scream. Jethro and Abby were sleeping on the bed - until I screamed - and all three animals fled in terror. Jethro and I were soon back asleep but I didn't see either of the cats until morning. Hunter didn't speak to me until after work today. It was disruptive, but I got a good laugh out of it.
This was my last day of training, and was largely devoted to federal check regulations and the benefits program. It will be wonderful to have real benefits again - health insurance, dental, vision, HSA, and life insurance. I'm beginning to feel like a grown-up. I took Sue to lunch today. And we did go to Chicago Joe's. Great stuff.
I had the radio on coming home and heard "Born to Run." And, as always, when we got to "strap your hands across my engines," I hollered out, "Who taught her those words?" And only you would understand - it's from that episode of MST3K where Gypsy is singing the song, and is one of the funniest moments they ever created.
That show was made for us, wasn't it? I remember the first time we saw it. We were at your mother's house waiting for Jim and Irene to get there so we could all go eat. You had heard about the show and ran across it on television. We only saw a few minutes, but it was enough to make us fans for life. It was smart comments for geeks - they could have named it that. People seem to either love or hate it. We loved following life on the Satellite of Love.
I don't think we ever found out who taught Gypsy those words, but it doesn't matter. This afternoon I was driving down Hawpatch Road with the windows down shouting the question to the world. And I missed you, and laughed at the memory. I suppose that's the reason why somebody taught her those words.
Still adore you after all these years,

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