Monday, May 26, 2014

On Mowing and Man Caves

Dear John,
I spent Memorial Day working in the yard. I mowed and trimmed, and had lots more to do but was worn out after that. Since I'm working tomorrow, I came inside and have rested the rest of the day. I don't know why it wore me out so much today - maybe because it's warmer. This is my first mowing day this year that it's been in the 80s.
I sat down to eat and found a Criminal Minds marathon, and I've been thinking again about how glad I've always been that we liked the same things on television. I used to tell you how glad I was that you didn't like chick flicks. And, as I also told you about a million times, I'm so glad I married a man that likes sports! It's hard to imagine that, out of all the guys I dated, there wasn't another one that liked sports. But you were the only one. So, of course, I had to marry you.
Having grown up where SEC meets ACC, I came loving football and basketball. Then I discovered baseball, and you taught me to like golf. I'm back to enjoying watching football and basketball now. Baseball, as I've said, is still uncomfortable. And I can't imagine watching golf again without you. It will be a long time, if it ever happens at all.
Our list of favorite television would look alarming to lots of people. We liked crime shows and mysteries, mostly. We liked some comedy, but it usually wasn't what everybody else was watching. We used to joke that all our favorite authors were dead and out of print, and our favorite television was rather like that, too.
I adore you, you know. We were always good intellectual companions. You used to sneer at man caves, and we said that, if you ever had one, you'd have to share it with me. I've never put Oxygen or We on the television list, but Spike and several versions of ESPN are there. Yep, I'd move into that man cave with you.
Thank you for never trying to turn me into a girly-girl. Of course, you had plenty of chances if that was what you wanted. Any guy that wanted a girly-girl would run from me. You ran toward me - you always wanted me to be just what I was. Thank you for wanting an independent, strong-minded, smart-mouthed woman.
Adore you,

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