Thursday, May 1, 2014

Something Good about Country Music: Who Knew?

Dear John,
I finally learned something we were never able to discover: a reason for the existence of country music.
I was doing transactions again today. The music at the LaGrange bank is wonderful. I've been enjoying it and savoring it. The only reservation I've ever had about working in Topeka is the piped-in music - all country, all the time. I have assumed I will learn to block it out and will survive. After today, I'm seeing it differently.
At work this afternoon they played The End of the Innocence, The Year of the Cat, and Mandolin Rain. All in a row. You might as well kill me now. I love all of them, but they make me think about you, and at this point in my life they make me cry. It was difficult to concentrate through the assault of widow-pain.
And so I thought, for the first time in my life, that it might be a good thing to work somewhere that plays country music. My only emotional response to it is mild-to-moderate irritation. That's much easier to handle than widow-pain. Even country music has a silver lining. Who knew?
For now, I will make a concerted effort to not think about The End of the Innocence, The Year of the Cat, or Mandolin Rain. It's probably fruitless. But I managed not to choke up in front of anybody or make any mistakes, and that is good. You're making me see something good in country music - aren't you ashamed of yourself?
Love you so much it hurts,

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