Friday, May 30, 2014

Talking About Talking About Nothing

Dear John,
There really isn't anything to say tonight, but that's never stopped us from having a good time talking to each other. So here I am, and it feels good to just know that I'm talking to you. For a little while, I feel closer to you.
I had a good day at work. It was maybe a bit slower than most Fridays because of the holidays this week. I cancelled the dog reservations and I'm back on the schedule for next week, but Danielle knows that I may have to leave for Springfield soon. Your mother is getting weaker. She's having trouble swallowing, and is getting thick liquids only. Irene still can't understand much of what she says. My heart breaks for her, knowing what she's going through. And I hurt so for Jim and Irene, too. Please keep praying for all of them.
Meantime, it's sunny and 80 here, and the petunias in the window boxes make the whole house smell good. I decided last February that I would be happy with any weather that did not include snow. It's good to look outside and see some color other than white! It took a while for winter to go away, but we've had a beautiful late spring-early summer.
I'm working tomorrow, so I'll be off to bed soon. I love you great bunches and miss you more than I can say.
Adore you,

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