Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Love of a Dog

Dear John,
I had another good day at work. It turns out I'm going to be working in Topeka tomorrow - Danielle wants to orient me before she takes a few days off. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
Tonight I was telling Jethro that I love him and, as I usually do, I told him that his father loved him very much, too. That got me thinking about you and the dog.
Jethro's first day with us
I remember the day we brought him home from the shelter. I have pictures of him in your lap licking your face. We had balls for him, and you went outside the next day and played with him for hours. You were so sad when you couldn't play rough with him anymore. But he loved his Daddy just the same.
He was so good for you when you were feeling bad. I remember you sitting in the recliner on oxygen, with Jethro asleep in your lap. I was working and keeping up with the house and shopping; Jethro could spend all his time with you. I know how much he meant to you during that time. He loved you no matter what - it didn't matter to him that you couldn't do much. He just loved his Daddy.
When you were in the hospital in Indy for four weeks, two months before your death, he was boarded at the vet's and having a wonderful time. Bless his heart, he loves going to the vet. I remember saying to you that he'd been through so much since we brought him home, that I was glad to have him but sometimes I wondered if coming home with us was the best thing for him. And you actually cried at the thought of not having him. He meant so much to you. When you got discouraged, I put a big photo of him on the wall of your hospital room, right in front of the bed, so you'd look at him all day.
As I've said so many times, I'll be forever thankful that I got to bring him in to see you on Monday before you died on Friday. It was so good for you and for him. He knew you were out there somewhere, but he didn't understand and was confused. After he saw you in the hospital, he was sad but he understood. And the day you died, he knew exactly what had happened. I'm glad he doesn't have to wonder where his Daddy went.
So I tell him often: I love him so much, and so did his Daddy. You'll be there waiting for him when he goes to Heaven. I dread that day because, for me, he's such a connection with you. He smells your Nikes and remembers you. I get to live with someone that remembers you, loves you, and grieves with me. I'm glad we brought him home, too.
Love from your little family that loves you so much,

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