Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thunder, Shirts, & Jane Austen

Dear John,
My day off was divided between housework and recovering from last night. It was a rough night.
I didn't even try to sleep until 1:30 because of the storms. I got a few hours of sleep until the storms started again around 6:00. Abby slept on the bed and Hunter, being the smartest member of the family, managed to be somewhere else.
Jethro kept me completely occupied. He wanted to sleep on my head, which is nothing unusual, but for the first time he insisted on draping himself over my face. Breathing is a hard habit to break, so we worked out a compromise. I moved the pillow about a foot away from the headboard so he could lie between them. I couldn't stretch my legs out, but at least I could breathe.
That worked for a while. When the storms were more intense I just turned on the light and sat up. Having the laptop out incurred an unacceptable risk of it being trampled by the dog, so I put a book on his back and read while he lay in my lap. It was an interesting night, spent with Jane Austen, lightning, and a frantic German shepherd.
So today I'm pondering the possibility of getting a Thunder Shirt for him. Everything I hear says that they really work. All I know is that Jethro was so worked up last night that Benadryl had no effect on him. I found a pattern on Pinterest (where else?) for a homemade one. I may give it a try.
I'm working tomorrow, so we'll all be heading off to bed soon. I do hope for an uneventful night's sleep. Please pray that your little family sleeps well tonight!
Adore you,

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