Monday, June 9, 2014

A Tale of Two Headstones

Dear John,
You probably know this already, but your mother went peacefully at 10:00 last night. Jim and Irene were there. I'm glad for that, for all of their sakes. I'm also thankful that I had last weekend off - my first since I started this job - so I could see her before she died.
Irene called me at 7 this morning. I went to work at 7:30, but they sent me home at 8. It was probably a good thing - my brain wasn't fit to deal with people's bank accounts. I started working, set up the drive-up, and realized that I'd forgotten to get my drawer out of the safe. Clearly, my brain had to be sent home. They switched my days off - I'll work Wednesday and be off today - so I'm not losing any pay. I bought a loaf of bread and picked up the dog from the vet. Since I've been home I've kept busy doing chores, keeping occupied with things that don't require coherent thought.
Last Saturday Irene took me to your family cemetery. I think the only time I was there was for your grandfather's funeral. I was shocked to see your parents' headstone - it's almost identical to ours. The only difference is the cross on ours, and that ours is North Georgia gray granite. And ours has complete dates, not just years. The size, shape, the double lines, even the font is the same. I was so amazed that I had to take a photo so you can see them side-by-side.
All that's needed on both of them is the second set of dates. Your mother's will be added soon. You know I've wanted my date of death on ours since it was first carved. But I should probably wait for a while now. Nobody needs my death so close to your mother's. I will be patient for a while and, as I promised Jen, I will not dig. Such are the sacrifices we make for family, aren't they?
So you'll see your mother soon. Just give her some time with your father first. And give her my love when she gets there. Keep each other company until Jen lets me dig!
Missing all of you,

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