Sunday, June 8, 2014

Back Home Again in Indiana

Dear John,
I'm back home. I saw your mother for a little while this morning. There's no change, and I can't imagine she will linger much longer. Then I headed home. It rained until I was this side of Beaverdam. I came up 235 to 36, then to I-75. It took a bit longer because of the rain, but I avoided the Strawberry Festival in Troy.
I was going to mow this afternoon - I'll be going back to Springfield any day now, and the grass is way too long to wait until I get back. But Sam is going to get if for me tomorrow or the next day, bless her. I'm physically and emotionally beat, and I have to work tomorrow. So instead of mowing, I put laundry in the washer and took a nap.
It was hard to leave your mother's room this morning, knowing I'll almost certainly not see her alive again. But she isn't alert or aware at all, which is a blessing. Your sister and I had some tears over the weekend, but we can grieve without regrets, and that is a blessing. Life can be good and wonderful; it can also be hard and painful. Most of us get a mixture of the two.
I'm going to bed early tonight. I feel absolutely awful and am having trouble keeping food down. I'm probably just tired. So I'll try to sleep it off. Please pray for all of us.
Wishing I was the one coming to you,

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