Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hoosier Cabinets & Pronouns

Dear John,
I'm beyond tired. I left Jim and Irene in the great room watching a movie, and came downstairs to bed at 8:00. Jethro didn't mind at all.
It was a good day. The weather was perfect for the graveside service. All the grandkids made it here except Mike, and it was lovely to have the whole family together. After the service everybody came over here for lunch, then all the family went to your mother's house so people could take home the things they wanted to keep. I kept the little houses we brought her from Mackinac, the plaque she had made from our wedding invitation, and two sets of sheets that nobody else wanted.
I'm also going to get her Hoosier cabinet - Jim and Irene will bring it over the next time they come. I've wanted one since I first saw one, which was probably about thirty years ago. I measured the dining room, and it will fit perfectly at the end of the kitchen counter where the hutch is now. I'll put the hutch where the china cabinet is, and move the china cabinet into the workroom to store things that need to be behind glass and out of cat-reach. I made sure nobody else wanted it - none of the grandkids have the space for it. I think she would be glad for us to have it.
And yes, I still think of me as us. In my mind, you and I are still a family unit. I can't see myself as independent of you. We are still we, and we probably always will be. I try to keep my pronouns straight in conversation so that I don't confuse people. But in my own mind we are still us, the house is still our house, and the pronouns haven't changed. It appears that you are grammatically stuck with me. So deal with it.
Adore you, grammatically and otherwise,

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