Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Travels with Jethro

Dear John,
I had a good day at work and mowed when I got home. Sam will be doing most of the mowing this summer, but it didn't work out this week. With me being in Springfield last weekend, the grass was so high that I had trouble getting the mower through some of it. But it's done now, and the yard looks much better.
I came home, went out to mow, then came in a took a shower. I got out of the shower and realized that I hadn't seen Abby yet. I asked Jethro where she was, and he led me right to the bed and stuck his head under it. I knelt down on the floor, looked under the bed, and, sure enough, there she was looking back at me. Jethro amazes me - he not only knows where both of this kitties are, he knows their names. He's such a good big brother.
I'll be taking him with me when I go to Springfield on Friday. June is taking a week of vacation and I don't want to leave him in a strange place. It will be interesting - the only places he's ever been are the shelter, our house, and the vet. But he knows and loves his Uncle Jim and Aunt Irene. I'll take his blanket and towel and some toys, and he'll sleep with me like he does here at home. I can't imagine he'll be crazy about the metal spiral staircase - I may have to bring him around outside to get to my bedroom at night. But that's a little thing. I'll leave him in my room when we leave the house, and he should be fine there with all of my stuff. I know he'll enjoy the rides there and back. He loves going for rides.
Remember when we used to take Caleb with us when we we'd go to stay with your mother? She was younger then and still steady on her feet so we didn't have to worry about having him around her, and she loved having him there. The first time we took him he needed a while to get accustomed to it - the only places he'd ever been were in the cage where we found him and in our house. But he was fine as soon as he figured out where "bed" and "out" were. Jethro will be fine, too.
We all need to be off to bed now. I'm working tomorrow, since I was off yesterday, so I'll be getting up at 5:30. I'll spend all day tomorrow doing annual testing on the computer - a bit of a change of pace for me. After work I need to run to Goshen and do some grocery shopping that I can't do here in town. I need cat food and kitty litter before I leave on Friday morning.
We still miss you at night - the bed doesn't seem right without you. Sleeping with the three animals is much better than sleeping alone, but it doesn't compare with cuddling up with you at the end of the day. If you can come, you're always welcome. We'll leave the light on.
Adore you,

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