Saturday, June 28, 2014

When We Started Way Back When

Dear John,
Jim and Irene brought your mother's Hoosier cupboard over today. Everybody beat me here - I got home from work right after they and Jen and Bob got it moved in, bless them all. It fits perfectly in the dining room, between the kitchen cabinets and the back door. The wood is almost a perfect match for the cabinets and the hardware is black like the rest of the kitchen. It looks like it was made for that spot. I moved the hutch to the dining room wall where the china closet was, and got everything put away in their new homes. It gives me a lot more storage space.
Then  Jim, bless him, dismembered the old corner computer cabinet in the workroom - you know, the black one from IKEA that I put together in the room. It wasn't really useful now that I have a laptop and it was eating up space. So it's dismantled in the garage now, and the black china closet is where it was. It will be great to have - I can store yarn in it, close the glass doors, and be able to see the yarn without the cats being able to get to it. I still need to move the furniture around in the office and get it the way I want it. But the dining room is together, and you'd like it very much.
Jim and Irene decided to drive back home this evening instead of staying the night, so they have all day tomorrow to rest up. We went out for Mexican before they left. Irene called a little bit ago and said they were home. We decided that getting together for dinner was lots of fun. Thank you again for having such a nice family. I love them, and love spending time with them.
I suppose I'm making progress - I've rearranged furniture without feeling guilty about it. I know that you'd like what I did. Maybe I've learned that things can change without changing our relationship. No matter how much furniture comes or goes here, I'm just as much your wife and love you just as much. I've learned to accept changes without being afraid or feeling like I'm being unfaithful to you.
And my memories won't change. Jim Croce's I Got a Name just came on. I remember studying in your dorm room and listening to that song on your stereo. (You know, the one with the eight-track tape player and quadraphonic speakers that was so state-of-the-art. Everybody loved your stereo.)
Every time I hear that song, I'm back in your dorm room. You're at your desk studying and I have my nursing books spread out all over your bed. You'd turn the desk chair sideways and stretch your legs out on the bed; I'd sit with my back against the wall and my legs across the bed, and we'd study for hours like that every weekend. That's what dating was like for us math-science majors. And we enjoyed every minute of it. And I'd give everything in this world for one more college Saturday with you. I'd even give up my new Hoosier cupboard.
Come visit me tonight?
Longing for you,

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