Friday, June 13, 2014

Why Traffic Circle Signs Look Like Question Marks

Dear John,
Visitation for your mother was this afternoon. Jethro and I left home early this morning, and he traveled very well, bless him. He spent half the trip stretched out on the back seat and half curled up in the front. He's been fine and happy being here. He ran straight up the spiral stairs, but nothing would induce him to go down them so I had to take him around outside to get him back downstairs. Silly creature. Right now I'm in bed with him and the laptop, and he seems more than ready for me to turn out the light.
The drive over here was uneventful except for watching an SUV try to make a left turn at the traffic circle in Troy. See, I'm not the only person that didn't grow up with them. There's a reason that the signs for them look like question marks.
Jen came over for the visitation, and Chris and Heather and the girls made it up from New Orleans. There was lots of extended family that I haven't seen for years. Deb came down from Sydney, which was a treat. And Paul flew in from Colorado and is staying here - I haven't seen him since 1979, so it's good to re-connect. It was a nice evening.
I'm going to make the dog happy now and turn out the light. Your little family is tired, and tomorrow will be an early morning. Lots of people talked about you tonight - you were on all of our minds. And, as always, you're in my heart.
Love you, miss you, always,

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