Saturday, July 26, 2014

Contentment and Peaches

Dear John,
It's Saturday evening, and I'm relaxed and contented.
I worked my half-day today. The animals were delighted when I came home a little after noon. I'm feeling better - my cough went away - but I'm still really tired, so I've spent most of the day relaxing with cats and dogs stretched out on me. I need to mow but the weather didn't cooperate. We had some storms early this afternoon and got a good hard rain, so there will be no mowing today. I'm not disappointed.
Friday and Saturday evenings have been the easiest parts of the week to be without you. And it's not surprising since you spent most of our years managing restaurants. You almost always worked those times, so something in me doesn't expect you to be home then. Sometimes late in the evening I still catch myself thinking, "Now what time does John get off tonight?" And I feel a stab of sadness when I realize that you're not coming home anymore. I wonder how long I'll do that. You're a hard habit to break.
This is Maggie's latest close-up. She's growing so fast! She's getting more self-confidence and running all around the house. Sometimes Abby still makes grumbling noises when she comes close, but she sidles right up to her anyway, with no sign of fear. And she and Hunter cuddle and groom each other. Today Jethro let her teethe on his ear.
Your little family is having a happy, relaxed, slow evening. The only thing lacking is you, so drop by if you can. I have fresh Georgia peaches! 
Still leaving the light on for you,

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