Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Everything I Hope For, Everything I Need

Dear John,
I had another good day at work. I'm off tomorrow - I have shopping to do in the morning, and Jethro has his yearly vet appointment in the afternoon. So I'll have a nice busy day.
Like Joe Cocker said . . .
I've been smiling since yesterday afternoon. A young man told me that I'm gorgeous. After I regained the power of speech, I told him that I know an excellent optometrist who can take care of that problem for him. But it made me smile.
I was beautiful to you, and that was all that mattered. And you didn't love me because I was beautiful; you saw me as beautiful because you loved me. That's an important difference. The person you loved didn't go away in the thirty-four years we were married, but my youthful appearance did. I would never have married a man who loved me for my looks. Dreadful thought.
I never wanted to be beautiful. I've always wanted to look average. Deviating from the average in either direction is a dreadful nuisance. Looking pretty much like everybody else is the only way to avoid having your looks rule your life. Being either ugly or beautiful is an annoyance. I was always glad that I'm not beautiful.
I'm not to anybody but you, that is. I'm so glad you always loved to look at me. But I know that what you loved most about my face was the expression on it when I looked at you. And, like I said that night, that look is right here waiting for you. Like Joe Cocker said, you're everything I hope for, everything I need.
Love you with all my heart,

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