Sunday, July 13, 2014

Good Upheaval

Dear John,
I'm tired. Maybe it just took me this long to relax. That's probably the case.
I slept in this morning, since Father is out of town and we didn't have the Liturgy today, and the animals didn't seem to mind. Ron and Tammy came over and brought lunch this afternoon, and we had a nice visit. Now I'm on the couch with Jethro on my feet, Hunter at my shoulder, the new kitten on the floor exploring the living room, and Abby following her around hissing at her. There's never a dull moment, is there? At least Abby has made up with me.
We'll be going to bed early tonight. I'll have to get up about half an hour earlier than I have been so that I have time to clean the little one's eyes, feed her, and get her to the litter box. They'll be on their own for nine hours tomorrow and I'm sure they'll do fine.
In spite of the excitement created by Jethro the Collector and Protector of Kittens, I've enjoyed my two full days off. It's been a welcome break. I'll have next weekend off, too. My schedule is flipping because I have training to go to in LaGrange on Wednesday morning. We all have to go sometime this week, and this keeps me from going into overtime. Over my lunch break tomorrow I'll call the vet and set up an appointment to get the new kitten in on Wednesday afternoon. June knows Jethro - she won't be a bit surprised. I'll have to save up to pay for neutering. I should send the bill to Jethro.
It's a bit of upheaval, but it's good upheaval. You can be proud of your dog. He's a gentle, loving sweetheart. I have a crazy cat dog.
Love from your crazy family,

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