Thursday, July 24, 2014

Hot Flashes & Internet Gambling

Dear John,
I had a good but odd day at work. I finished the annual testing - tested from 8:00 to 3:30. My brain is fried. I had no idea that a bank job would necessitate learning all about illegal internet gambling. Money laundering, maybe. But not internet gambling. And I had no idea that so much of the Patriot Act consists of banking regulations. As I told Abe this afternoon, I can read your EKG and teach you how to manage a patient with a balloon pump, but internet gambling? Yikes. After I finished testing I helped Abe finish some processing, relieved Margaret at the drive-up so she could work in the vault, and generally made myself useful.
On the way home I went by the pharmacy and talked to Tom about these hot flashes. They're miserable. I'm having up to three or four an hour at work, and they're keeping me awake at night. So he had a supplement he recommended. I'll keep you posted. I do have hopes. They aren't so bad in the winter, but they're nasty in July. I'm sorry I'm sleeping without you, but right now you should be glad you're missing this. Every time I move during the night, to go to the bathroom or even turn over, I have a hot flash. I throw off all the covers, lie in front of the fan, and it takes me half an hour to cool off enough to go back to sleep. You'd be miserable. You'd probably be freezing with the fan on all night. With as much heat as you used to put out at night, I'd be dying, too.
So when you come back to visit, you may not want to stay the night. At least, not until this supplement eases the hot flashes off a bit. You can come on a day that I'm off and I'll feed you meat loaf and mashed potatoes. At bedtime we can cuddle and do prayers together, you can tuck me in, they you can go back to Heaven and get a good night's sleep without me keeping you awake. And if you want, I'll teach you all about money laundering and illegal internet gambling. You'd be fascinated by all this stuff that I'm learning.
My next day off is Sunday - see you then?
Waiting and hoping,

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