Friday, July 25, 2014

How Much Are Those Kitties in the Window?

Dear John,
I'm so ready for bed! I worked long today - in the drive-up, which is open until 6:00 on Fridays - so I worked for eleven hours. My feet hurt. Actually, every inch of me hurts. But Fridays are so busy that they go by fast. And on Fridays there are two of us back in my little corner, and that's fun. I enjoyed working with Tammy today.
I had to show you this photo. This is what Hunter and Abby do when I'm trying to go to sleep at night. Hunter climbs from the chest into the top part of the window and Abby crawls into the window sill. Last night there were birds outside that they were stalking. They don't make it any easier to sleep, but they're so much fun to watch.
I'm off to bed now. My sore throat is trying to turn into an asthma flare, so I'm taking care of myself - mucinex, chloraseptic, and inhalers. Better living through chemistry! And I talked to customers all day and have very little voice left. So if you drop by tonight, I'll listen to you. You can come and tell me what your days are like. You can tell me about simultaneous chess tournaments like you used to when I couldn't get to sleep. You can read the phone book if you want. I'd just love to hear your voice and touch you again.
I'll leave the light on,

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