Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I am Woman - Watch me Sleep!

Dear John,
There isn't much happening tonight. I'm on the couch with wet hair, the dog at my feet, Abby at my shoulder, and Hunter off enjoying solitude somewhere.
I worked my half-day today and did another round of annual testing. I had no idea how much of the Patriot Act was devoted to banking regulations. My brain is completely fried. After work I went to the pharmacy and the grocery store, came home and had lunch, took a nap, and mowed. It was time and it's supposed to rain all weekend. I still need to trim, but the big job is done.
I'm glad that I always thanked you for taking care of the yard, and I thank you again. The flower beds were mine to look after, but you did the mowing, trimming, and weed-and-feeding. And I appreciate all your hard work. I'm a bit amazed at what all I'm doing now. I'm working full-time, doing all the shopping, handling the business and finances, and doing all the housework and yard work by myself. It's no wonder I get tired. But I'm managing, and I wouldn't have believed that I could do it with the fibromyalgia. It helps to be off the Cymbalta. I have more pain, but also more energy. That's a trade-off that I'm happy to make. The depression and anxiety are easing. One day I'll be over that part of it, too. Then I'll turn back into myself. Is the world ready?
For now, I'm tired and it's bedtime. Hunter has appeared and situated himself in my lap, which makes typing a bit challenging. I have the whole weekend off - it will be the first one I've had that I haven't gone out of town, and I'm ready for it. I haven't made it to the farmers' market in weeks. I'm running out of jelly and have been eating store-bought cheese and eggs. I miss my farmers' market! But now we're all off to bed. There should be no storms tonight, and I hope we're past the firecracker season. There were a few last night, so you never know.
Love you with all my heart,

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