Saturday, July 12, 2014

Jethro Strikes Again

Dear John,
Remember when I said that I could do whatever I wanted this weekend? God has a sense of humor.
Last night at bedtime I let Jethro out for the last time. He did his bark-whine that lets me know that something is wrong and he needs Mom. So I went out at dusk in my pajamas and discovered that he'd found another starving, abandoned kitten. After sighing deeply, I went to the other side of the fence, picked up the kitten, brought it inside, and fed it. It seems that Jethro now has three cats.
I think this one is another girl. She's the same brownish-black that Abby was when she was little, with tan spots scattered over her. And she has the eye infection that the whole feral colony has. She's skin and bones, poor little thing, and unlike Abby, she knows how to eat and drink. And she does both with great enthusiasm. Today we got the litter box all figured out. Last night required washing of the sheets and blankets.
We had the animal relationships all figured out, and now they're in flux. She and Jethro have bonded. Hunter is curious and cautious about her, and fine with me. Abby, being the reigning female, is outraged. She spent last night under the bed, alternately hissing and growling. She's starting to speak to me, but won't get near the new little one. They'll work it out eventually.
I have Wednesday afternoon off, and that's the soonest I can get her in to see June. I'm washing her eyes with warm wet cotton balls every couple of hours, like I did with Abby, until I can get antibiotic ointment. After having taken care of Abby at four weeks old, I feel comfortable that I know what to do with one this little. I'm taking name suggestions but waiting for gender confirmation on Wednesday.
I did get to the farmers' market and the co-op, but of course you know that since I brought lunch out to eat with you. There was so much storm damage at the cemetery! There were lots of branches and several big trees down. There's nothing major near our plots. When they replace those trees, I hope they replace the one that used to be near us. I'd love to have some shade when I come to see you. Today was cloudy, cool, and windy - a nice day. I prayed for you and your mother.
Please pray for us now - for the new little one, and for the upheaval of the pecking order. Let me know if you have any ideas for a name. And welcome the newest member of your little family!
Love from all of us,

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