Saturday, July 19, 2014

It's Good that Abby Doesn't Have Thumbs

Dear John,
I've had a slow, lazy day. I woke up with a stuffed-up head and sore throat, and I've felt pretty awful all day. So I've been sensible and taken it easy. I did some basic housework and two loads of laundry, and not much else except cuddle with the animals.
Maggie is doing better. Her stools are looking normal and she's using the litter box predictably. She likes to sleep in my grandmother Keistler's rocking chair. Be sure you tell Mama that! And tell her that I have a big towel in it to protect the upholstery in case of accident. It's low enough that even little Maggie can get in and out easily.
Hunter is getting more and more curious about Maggie. I've seem him coming up to her and licking and nuzzling her. Last night he slept on me for the first time since Jethro brought Maggie home - I was very happy about that. I'd missed having his big purring warmth draped over my ribcage. He slept on me for four hours, until I had to go to the bathroom.
Abby is interesting to watch. She still hisses and growls at Maggie. I had to break it up twice last night when she woke me up growling. But she's being more cuddly and affectionate with me than she has since she was a kitten. She still draws the line at being picked up. But she's all over me and wanting her belly rubbed. I know it's insecurity because there's a new female in the house, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. And she's making a great show of solidarity with Hunter.
I'm sorry you're missing all of this fascinating interplay. If you can get a hall pass, come and watch tonight at bedtime. Maybe you can stay all night? Maybe Hunter will sleep on you for a while.
I'd be happy to share the cat love with you!

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