Friday, July 11, 2014

Let the Weekend Begin!

Dear John,
It's Friday! I'm off work until Monday morning! I feel like a kid on Christmas.
This is the first weekend I've had completely off - not working a half-day on Saturday - that I haven't gone to Springfield, and I'm so excited. Father is out of town this weekend so we won't have Great Vespers or Liturgy. I have absolutely no commitments or responsibilities until Monday morning.
I'm not going to set the alarm. The animals won't let me sleep much past dawn, but it's nicer to wake up to them than the alarm.
And that reminds me: I have to tell you this. You'll love it. I have my phone alarm set to the cricket sounds, and Abby is completely fascinated by it. Every morning the alarm goes off and she comes running. She jumps on the phone, head-bumps it, rubs her face on it, paws it, and is generally fascinated by that thing that sounds like crickets. Hunter has never been interested, but Abby loves it.
Now, back to the weekend. Tomorrow I'll get to go to the farmers' market. I haven't been in a couple of months, with working on Saturday mornings. I'm almost out of jelly, and I've been eating store-bought cheese and eggs, Heaven help us. I can't wait to see what seasonal things are in. Then I can go to the co-op, also for the first time in two months, and get real syrup (as in, from a maple tree, instead of high-fructose corn syrup) and organic yogurt.
Sometime over the weekend I need to trim the yard and water the flowers in the window boxes. And it's time to balance the checkbook. But those are small things. I may even play with rearranging the furniture in the workroom. The point is that I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I have two whole complete days free.
I'm entirely too excited about this. But I am looking forward to it. If you can come for a visit, this would be a wonderful time for it.
Watching for you,

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