Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Purple Petunias & Barney Pete

Dear John,
All these animals are confusing me. I had to check my calendar to see which one I was taking to the vet today. It turns out it was Jethro, for his yearly. He's doing fine, is at his ideal weight, and has no problems. He does need to get a part-time job to help pay for all this health care. June was relieved to hear how well Maggie is doing.
Speaking of Jethro, we had another strange night. We went to bed at nine, all of us except Maggie who has decided to sleep on the top of the cat tower. A little after two I woke to find Jethro lying across my head. Sure enough, there were a few faint rumbles of thunder. I checked the radar and my heart sank. Clearly, we were in for hours of storms. So I yielded to the inevitable - sat up, turned on the light, got the laptop, and made toast.
It wasn't much of a storm. If it weren't for Jethro, I'd never have heard a thing. There was a faint rumble about every ten or fifteen minutes. But, Jethro being Jethro, we were up until after five. I'm glad this was my day off. It did drop the temperature, from the 90s yesterday to the low 70s today. So I opened the house this morning and everybody is happy.
Right now I'm sitting by the living room windows. The petunias in the window boxes are big and beautiful and fragrant. I got a variety of purples and lavenders this year; they look good against the light yellow siding. All the animals are asleep - Jethro at my feet, Maggie in my lap, and Hunter and Abby on the bed. I'll have to wake them up soon for dinner. Television is terrible tonight, so I'm listening to the wind in the trees.
Highs for the next ten days are supposed to be in the mid-70s, so the windows should be able to stay open. This isn't our usual July. But remember that polar vortex we got last winter? We have the same pattern in place now. This time it's welcome - it's giving us a very comfortable July. I hope we don't pay for it in September! And I'm not ready to think about next February.
That's all the news. Three-fifths of your little family has undergone medical scrutiny this month and been judged healthy. And so far I'm managing to keep all the creatures straight. One day I'll be like your grandmother was with the grandkids - when you can't remember the name of one of them, just call them Barney Pete!
Love you so much,

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