Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Sensible Chicken

Dear John,
Today I was either sensible or a chicken - I'm not sure which.
I got up at 5:30 so I could get Tammy's birthday cake frosted. The cake didn't cool soon enough for me to do it last night. I looked at the weather forecast and decided that I needed to mow after work, since there is rain predicted every other day of the foreseeable future. After work I went outside, felt the heat and humidity, and decided I could live with grass a bit longer than usual. I came home, put on my pajamas, fed the animals and myself, and crashed.
It seems prudent - I have my eleven-hour Friday tomorrow and will probably be on my feet for the whole time. I need to get to the farmer's market Saturday morning and church on Sunday. The yard would look better mowed. But I also look better standing. I guess it was me or the grass, and I won.
Standing alone in the darkness . . .
A friend sent this photo to me today and it seems to sum things up. I'm standing alone here, so I have to decide between things like this. I can't clean the house and frost the cake and work and mow and take care of the animals all at one time. I have to prioritize. Lately I've been putting the outside work first because other people see it. The inside work got behind until I couldn't stand it, so yesterday I did inside work. Today and tomorrow the job work has to come first. Saturday I'll start juggling it all over again. I'm getting more accustomed to doing all of it myself. But I miss being teamed up with you. I don't think we were intended to live alone.
So come and get me, will you? What's keeping you? You never were as early for things as I was, but you're well over two years late here. It must be because you live outside of time. For those of us in the time-space continuum, you're disgracefully late. So get a move on, will you?
I'm waiting!

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