Monday, August 25, 2014

(Bitter)sweet Memories

Dear John,
Be glad you weren't here today. It was 92 and muggy. I watched a big band of storms coming on the radar, then watched them break up just as they got to us. We still need rain. It seems that all we're getting is humidity. I have yard work to do, but it will wait until the heat breaks. I won't go anywhere.
I saw Harold today. The big news is that he got his license to officiate volleyball. So I've been remembering all your years of umpiring and how much you loved it. You were so good at it. I was always proud of you, but never more than when you put on that uniform and worked a game. Umpiring is demanding mentally, physically, and emotionally, and you did so well in all of those areas. You made me proud to be the umpire's wife.
It was sad when you had to stop doing it because of your work hours, but I never for a minute thought it would be the end. I was sure that you'd go back to it when your job allowed, and certainly after you retired. It was sad  last year to give your gear away. But I was so happy that Harold found a new umpire that needed it. That is exactly what you would have wanted.
So there's nothing profound here tonight, just fond memories. I still struggle with baseball. I can watch little bits of it and that's all. It is so connected with you. Maybe one day I'll get back to it. But I'll still be the umpire's wife.
Love you so very much,

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