Monday, August 4, 2014

Cat Towers & Contentment

Dear John,
The best investment we ever made was that set of flannel sheets for thirty dollars. So far we've paid three dollars for every year we've used them, and they're still going strong.
Coming in a close second is the cat tower. I took this picture after dinner tonight - my dinner and theirs. As you can tell, Hunter was still eating. Abby and Maggie were playing, Jethro was watching from below. They play, eat, and sleep on that tower. Inside the box in the picture is the only place I've found to put the cat food so that Jethro can't get to it. That alone makes the tower worth its weight in gold.
Aren't they adorable? Aren't you sorry you're missing all of this? Does it make you want to come back? I really wondered if getting a third cat would upset you enough to make you come back and get me, but evidently not. How long does Jethro have to keep collecting kittens to make you mad enough to show up?
I really do love all of them. Tonight I'm content. I had a good day at this job that I love, came home to four furbabies that love me, and will do it all again tomorrow. The only thing missing is you. But our separation is so temporary! And I'm thankful above all else for the years that I had with you. You chose to spend the rest of your life with me. And when Jen and the furbabies let me dig, I'll go home to you. All is good.
Love you forever and ever,

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