Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Green Eyes & Cat Pills

Dear John,
I have a new skill. I can now give pills to cats.
Maggie had a wonderful check-up. She weighs 2.6 pounds and is doing fine. Everybody is healthy except that all three cats have tapeworm. I took a suspicious thing in for June to look at, and it was a tapeworm segment. Hence the pills. Everybody gets one pill, and that should take care of it. Maggie will go back in another month for her last kittenhood vaccines, and I'll take a stool sample in to be sure all the hitchhikers are gone.
Oh, and last night Maggie's eyes changed color. They were brown at bedtime and green this morning. June says that is normal at this age - evidently things can change very rapidly. It seems that most torties have green eyes.  It was startling to look at her this morning! And she and Abby have progressed to the point that I found Abby grooming her in the window sill this afternoon.
I had half a busy day off. I took Maggie in first, then came home and watered plants, swept the porch, took recycling, paid the water bill, went to the post office, and scrubbed out the recycle bins. I ate lunch and woke up half an hour later, so I decided to take an elective nap while I could. Then I talked on the phone to Irene and Jen, took a shower, and will head off to bed soon. There was more that could have been done today, but I've been tired all week and decided to be more sensible than anal for a change. The rest of the week will be busy.
I missed you last night. I did sleep in winter pajamas with the windows part-way open. It was the first night in a long time that I didn't have the fan on. I woke up around 4 AM and was chilly enough to pull up the bedspread. I was sad that I didn't have you to curl up against to get warm. We always enjoyed sleeping together with the windows open on cool nights. I'm getting better at going to bed alone. But last night I really missed you.
I'm heading off to bed now, to miss you again. Sleep well, and know how much I love you.

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