Friday, August 29, 2014

Hello, Weekend! Goodby, Normal Family!

Dear John,
The weekend is here - three days off. I may need it to recover from today.
You know we always have two tellers in the drive-up on Friday. We were short today because of vacations, so I did it by myself except for the last hour. It was a wild ride but we all survived. There were lots of times I had a line out to the street, but the customers were patient and all was well. The day went by so fast! I still need to mow. But I dragged myself home, fed the animals, put on pajamas, and ate a piece of toast and a hunk of cheese for dinner. Now I'm in bed with Jethro glued to my side - there are fireworks in Ligonier for the Marshmallow Festival.
There's all kinds of stuff going on this weekend. Plymouth is having the Blueberry Festival. Remember the year that we went? It was not long after we'd moved to South Bend. I remember that it was fun, but very hot and humid. Weather will be an issue this weekend, too. We're supposed to have storms tomorrow and Monday. I may end up having to mow on Sunday.
My big holiday weekend plan is to try to finish setting up my workroom. I need to get the second coat of paint on the walls. And I think I know where I want all the furniture to go. I also need to sit down with the Country Curtains catalogue and pick out something for the office and workroom windows. I can afford to do that now.
Labor Day was never a big holiday for us. It was a busy weekend for restaurants, so you never had any time off. This year I'm looking forward to having time to get some things done around here. With the fall holiday season starting, maybe I can get some painting projects finished. Being busy around here helps me forget that normal families are out doing things together. My little family is far from normal. So we'll paint and clean and miss you. When I paint, you always move the furniture away from the walls in the morning and put it back in the evening. I will expect you around 8:00 Monday morning to move the bookcases. Don't forget!
Love you so much,

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  1. Ligonier Marshmallow festival was started in 1952. One of my friends attended this festival last year during his niagara falls trip. The purpose of this event is to bring area workers and returning servicemen together to celebrate the town's history. It is also known as Strawberry Valley Days. It is a four days event that includes pony rides, a car show, tractor pulls, a BMX jump show, carnival rides and a grand parade.