Friday, August 1, 2014

It's Friday Night!

Dear John,
It's Friday night!
I have the weekend off. I won't need to mow, since I did it after work Wednesday. I still have plenty to do - I need to weed and trim outside, and dust and vacuum inside. It wouldn't hurt to clean the bathrooms. And I'll be going to the farmers' market and the co-op tomorrow morning. But I got bills paid tonight and the kitchen cleaned this morning. I'm all set for the weekend.
The last weekend I had off was disrupted by the acquisition of Jethro's newest kitten. I do hope we don't repeat the process. Keeping up with four furbabies is enough. This is the limit until Jethro gets a job. They'll be happy when I don't go to work in the morning. When I wake up and bring the laptop to bed, they'll all come and pile up with me and go back to sleep. Bless their hearts, they love the days that I don't go to work.
I found myself wondering what time you were getting off work tonight - I still do that. I'm used to you being gone on Friday evenings, but I still expect you to come home. If you'd like to, it would make all of us very happy. You can meet Maggie. And I'll show you what Abby does when my phone alarm goes off - she loves the cricket sound. And Jethro would be beside himself; he misses you so much. I don't need to tell you how happy I'd be. So come if you can get a hall pass for the night. Or, if you can't, lets skype at bedtime.
Love you so very much,

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