Thursday, August 7, 2014

Leather, Lace, and Happy Days

Dear John,
There isn't much to talk about today. I had a good Thursday at work, will go in early tomorrow but am off at 5:00. I need to mow after work - again, not the grass but the seed heads on the weeds. We really need rain. Could you pray about that for all of us? I don't mind mowing less often, but the corn is thirsty.
I heard today that I'm getting a 25-cent-an-hour raise on my next paycheck, and I got ridiculously excited about it. It will give me about fifty dollars more every month, and that's always welcome. But really, it feels good to have earned it. There's a satisfaction in learning how to do a new job and being told that I'm doing it well. I've crossed all kinds of hurdles this week - I've learned how to do escrow payments and run the new coin-counting machine. What a big girl I am!
Right now I'm listening to "Leather and Lace" and remembering what we were doing when it came out. We were living my ideal life - my dream house, my dream job, your first job as general manager, completely unaware of the radiation damage happening in your body. The song always takes me back to those days of blissful ignorance. We were so young and hopeful. All of our years together were good, but there's something special about those early years when we didn't know what was coming. We didn't have many of them, did we? But when we found out, it just made us value each other even more. I can't separate who we are from that knowledge - it became too fundamental a part of us.
By city or mountain, stay with me. Come and visit tonight. I need you today.
Forever and ever,

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