Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Love & the Loop of Henle

Dear John,
It's been an odd day. It was so split into two parts that I feel like this has to be Thursday night already.
I worked until noon. I hadn't heard from Joe's office about whether he wanted me to come in today or not, so I called them. After much calling around, they made an appointment for me to see his newest partner at 4:30. So at 3:00 I headed off to South Bend.
The Loop of Henle, for your reviewing pleasure!
It turns out that I don't have a bladder infection - the U/A came back perfectly normal. The next thing to rule out is bladder spasms, so I'll pick up a prescription for Ditropan tomorrow and we'll see if that helps. If it does, well and good, and we'll assume that the problem is age and lack of estrogen. If it doesn't, the next step will be imaging studies to see what's going on in there. I'm getting my review of the urinary system. At least it's the simple part and not the hormones. But I always did love the Loop of Henle.
We're so weird. Who else is up after their bedtime talking about the wonders of the Loop of Henle? It's a good thing we married each other and didn't subject any innocent bystanders to either one of us, isn't it?
Love you even more than my Loops of Henle,

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