Sunday, August 24, 2014

Love Requited & Unrequited

Dear John,
I felt awful today and went to church anyway. I'm just tired from working Friday and Saturday, and I haven't had a day completely off in a while. Labor Day is a week from tomorrow and I'll have a three-day weekend. I'm so looking forward to it. After church I watered the flowers and weeded, then napped and knitted for the rest of the afternoon, and I feel much more human tonight.
The photo was part of this afternoon's nap. I lay down with Jethro at my feet, and Abby came along, crawled up on my side, and promptly purred herself to sleep. She's still in the cuddly stage and I'm enjoying every minute of it. When I come home she comes running. She follows me around, climbs all over me, and nuzzles and licks my face. Nap time today was delightful.
But there is also unrequited love among us. Abby is feeling a bit left out since Maggie came - she's been the reigning (and only) female, and now there's competition for the top of the pecking order. She's handling the insecurity by being more cuddly with me than she's been since she was a kitten. She's also seeking Jethro's attention, but his is given more sporadically. than mine. Tonight she lay down beside him and gave the most plaintive series of mews that I've ever heard. He looked at her, considered it, and went back to sleep. She tried again, then got up in utter dejection and went down the hall. I pointed out to him that he'd hurt her feelings, so he got up and followed her and did give her a bit of cuddling.
All of this would be easier if you were here, you know. There would  be twice as much attention to go around - more, because I wouldn't be working full time. You can assuage your guilt by coming for a visit. That would cheer us all immensely. And you would enjoy the feline and canine insanity!
Leaving the light on,

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