Wednesday, August 20, 2014

On Being a Grown-Up

Dear John,
I'm curled up in bed with the laptop and the dog. It's been an odd day off - nothing like what I'd planned. But that isn't unusual. You'd think that someday I would learn not to plan these things.
I was going to go shopping in Goshen today and mow after work on Saturday. That was the plan until I woke up this morning and looked at the weather forecast. We're in for a week of near-90 and high humidity starting Friday. So I switched things around and mowed today. It was still humid enough to be fairly miserable. But it was doable, and it is done.
I got caught up on some sleep last night. The dog woke me up at 6:30 wanting to go out, then I went back to sleep and didn't wake up again until after 10:00. Since I usually can't sleep after sunrise, I know that I really needed it. And even after mowing, I feel much more human today. I also got laundry done and bills paid. And I spent almost an hour on the phone fixing an error in the internet bill that would have cost us twenty dollars a month.
Last night I had a phone-call check-up with our new Allstate agent, and tweaked the coverage a bit. Some changes had been made since the accident three years ago than I know neither of us wanted. Everything is changed back now, and it still cost $200 less than the last bill six months ago. The new agent is good - I like him. And I love the company for how well they handled things after that accident. They made a very loyal customer.
The photo is just for giggles. This is what happens when you have cats of different ages. Hunter is almost two, Abby is almost one, and Maggie is about two months. Maggie keeps initiating play. The others go along with it, but sometimes you can tell that they'd rather be left alone. I'm amazed by how well they get along, especially since I didn't do any of the things you're supposed to do when you introduce a new cat to the household. I didn't get a chance - not with Jethro finding them and bringing them home!
It's time to get us all to sleep. Jethro is curled up at my feet and sound asleep. We should all sleep well tonight. We'll be fine through this hot stretch - I already have the house closed and the air conditioning on, since it's been so humid lately. I'll be sensible, even without you here to ride herd on me!
Love you with all my heart,

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