Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ouchy Perfect Days

Dear John,
I had a good but fairly slow day at work. Tomorrow is Friday, so it will be busy and will seem to go faster. I may be staying for an extra hour - one of our babies came early and we're having to do shift the schedule around, so I volunteered.
I've been tired and hurting all week. For some reason, the fibro decided to rear its head. Tonight is the patronal feast at church, but by the time I finished work I knew there was no way I could stay upright long enough to go. I have to be able to work eleven hours tomorrow and four on Saturday. I'm being sensible and, as usual, not enjoying it at all.
The good news is the weather. It's been absolute perfection -  low 70s during the day and low 50s at night. Two days of rain have the grass green again, but it's been cool enough to slow its growth. I probably won't need to mow this weekend, and that is good. I'm so love sleeping on these cool nights.
Tonight I'll take a pain pill at bedtime. I'll sleep better, and maybe feel better in the morning. I love my job on days like this - I can physically do it when I don't feel good, and it keeps me busy and helps keep my mind off of the fibro pain. It's such a gift. And solvency isn't to be gainsaid, either. I am grateful.
The critters and I are off to bed. All is well here - the cats play together, Jethro adores them, and Maggie's eyes are still green. Now I just need to weather this flare until it goes away. If you can come for a visit tonight, we can cuddle on another cool night.
Miss you so much,

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