Saturday, August 30, 2014

Rocking a Bandanna

Dear John,
I'm reverting to old habits. It's after 10:30 and I'm in bed with the laptop and the dog. I'll try to sum up this day in under a hundred pages.
I could sleep in this morning, so of course I was wide awake at 7:30. I went to the farmers' market and the co-op. Then I tried to get in and out of Walmart quickly because I had yogurt in the car. I'd forgotten to factor in the holiday weekend. I got the things on my list, stood in line for ten minutes, remembered eggs, stood in line for another ten minutes, and remembered that the fan in the bedroom was broken and I need a new one, then stood in line for another ten minutes. I got to the car and found a ream of paper under the bag of cat food. So I went back inside to pay for the paper, this time with yogurt AND milk in the car, and waited another five minutes. It was a cloudy day, so all the dairy products survived unharmed.
I finally got home and had a tomato sandwich. I sat down to watch the Notre Dame game and woke up in the second quarter. It was a great game. Golson is back at quarterback and looks terrific. I mowed this evening - barely finished before it was completely dark - then took a shower and am finally ready for bed. I just finished a bowl of Cheerios with fresh organic raspberries - heavenly.
I'm adding the photo for historical interest. While I was out today, three strangers came up and told me how nice I looked. So I had to record the event. Of course, I didn't have the Kitten-as-Accessory while I was out. Maybe I really know how to rock a bandanna. Very strange. You may print it as a pin-up poster if you like. Or you could just come and visit the original tonight!
I'll leave the light on for you,


  1. The strangers recognized a beautiful look happy!

  2. I am happy. And I'm sad at the same time. Turns out that is totally possible. Who knew?