Saturday, August 23, 2014

Somewhere Between OMG and WTF

Dear John,
I'm sorry I didn't get to talk to you last night. The power went out at 6:45 and stayed out for almost two hours, so I went on to bed. I don't know what caused it. In most of the town it flickered and them came back on in three seconds, like it does when one substation goes out and we're switched to the other. But this time our neighborhood stayed out.
I generally don't mind being without power for a while, but the hottest weekend of the year is not a good time for it. I was relieved when it came back on - I was pondering having to do hair and makeup at work, and the possibility of repeating the living-in-a-wet-bathing-suit thing that I did when we lived in Durham and didn't have air conditioning.
But all is well today except that it's hot and humid. I have some yard work that needs to be done, but it will still be there when the weather cools off. It's been in the mid-80s today, which wouldn't be bad, but the humidity is around 80%. I know - not as bad as Durham in the summer. But few things are. I'm grateful for the air conditioning.
And so are the animals. Poor things, they wear fur coats all the time. They're so much happier and more active when the house is cool. All is well with them. Maggie is growing like a weed, long legs and long body, and loves to run laps all around the house. Abby grunts and growls at her, plays with her, then lies down the grooms her. Hunter watches all of it with benign dignity. Jethro alternates between sleeping with them and chasing them, appearing to enjoy both equally. My lap and bed are never empty.
Oh, we had a bit of excitement late Thursday night. I'd just gotten to sleep when I heard Abby hissing, growling, and throwing a ferocious fit. Jethro ran to join her and started barking. I found them at the living room window being tormented by the feral ginger cat who was in the flower box. Since I wanted to get to sleep before daybreak, I chased away the ginger cat and calmed everybody down. Maggie, who is most likely the latest progeny of the ginger, was nowhere to be seen.
There's never a dull moment with the five of us here. We'd be happy to make it six if you could come and join us. You really would love the cats. I know you love Jethro and me. You know how much we all love you.
Love you always and forever,

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