Friday, August 8, 2014

The Effectiveness of Nagging

Dear John,
It's Friday night.
I had a very busy day at work, unusually busy even for a Friday. But lunch was great. We had a cook-out/carry-in with burgers, potato salad, pasta salad, a veggie tray, cheese and crackers, and a to-die-for dessert. I won't need to eat for a few days. I'd planned to mow after work but didn't. It was too hot and humid and I was too tired. All that's grown is some weed tops, and there aren't enough of those to make me mow yet. So I'm inside watching pre-season football, which is clearly preferable to yard work.
A little while ago I heard Abby yowling. She's very vocal like most Oriental cats. She yowls, growls, mutters, and howls, and I expect her to burst into speech at any moment. I went looking to be sure all was well and found her lying beside Jethro and wanting his attention. She yowled at him until he licked and groomed her. He appeared to want a nap but he finally yielded, either to necessity or nagging.
A good time will be had by all in the morning. They get so excited when I wake up but don't get up right away. I get the laptop and sit up in bed, and they all come and curl up somewhere on me. Tomorrow I need to make a recycling run. And I want to get the sewing machine out and get some of my clothes taken up. I'm running out of things that fit me. - quite a nice problem to have. Did you remember to ask Mama if she wanted to come and help pin things on me? Let me know if she's planning to come.
I got a bit choked up at work today. I was watching a customer put his check in the tube to send it in to me, and noticed that he put the pen in the tube exactly like you used to. It's funny how little things like that catch me off guard. But I guess it's not surprising - I knew you for thirty-eight years, and there are lots of little habits that you learn in that amount of time. I miss all of your little habits. If I keep nagging you about coming for a visit, will you give in like Jethro did to Abby?
Adore you,

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