Thursday, August 21, 2014

WFFs: We Have Each Other

Dear John,
I had a good day at work - a little bit of thunder and some scattered rain - hot and muggy outside. Your family is glad for the air conditioning.
Last night I had somebody tell me that I need to go on a cruise or a mission trip (odd juxtaposition) to meet other widows and make new friends. I immediately said that I had wonderful widow-friends, thank you. And I do. I can't imagine life without the WFFs - my Widow Friends Forever are my rock, my support, my shelter in this storm. They're wonderful.The fact that we're scattered all around the world is a negligible inconvenience. Thing like this are the reason God invented cyberspace. And, since we're in so many different time zones, there's almost always somebody awake and on their computer. It's wonderful.
I wish we could all meet for a cup of tea. I remember the night I posted the photo of my dream house, and we spent our virtual evening sitting on the front porch chatting, eating cookies, and looking at each other's craft projects. We decided that we were all going to live there, and Becky named it "The Widow's Walk." We have no idea where it is or who owns it, but it's our photo and, in cyberspace, we all live there together.
If all of you men had anything to do with us finding each other, thank you so very much. Give them all a hug from us. And be sure to wish Phil a happy birthday. Those things probably don't matter to you now, but they're still very important to us since we live here in time and all. Look after each other, and know that we are doing the same down here. We are trudging together through this wilderness called widowhood. We will take care of each other.
I'll leave you with this photo of our mascot - WFFs traveling along together. Don't worry about us. We have each other.
Longing to be there with you,


  1. Let's make a serious effort to try to get together somewhere soon, ok? I know all of us can't come from some faraway places, but as many as possible can meet up in some mid-way place (or my Midway Place! lol). Who's in?