Friday, September 26, 2014

A Completely Gratuitous Letter

Dear John,
Yes, I'm back. Two letters in one day. Brace yourself.
First, Jethro managed to go out without bringing home another kitty. So all is well.
Second, I forgot to tell you about last night. I got very little sleep and it was all their fault. The animals decided that they needed to rampage around the house all night. I got up three times to see what they were into that was making so much noise; once I found Maggie playing with the music rack on the piano. And Jethro woke me up three times by lying on me. I wonder if the barometer was dropping. I really have no idea what got into them.
Third, I got a credit alert from Equifax tonight. It turned out to be just that I used my Kohl's card a couple of weeks ago. But while I was there I pulled up my credit rating, and it's 806. That's what happens when you get all the mistakes fixed. (No, credit life is NOT the same as defaulting on a loan.) It isn't because of my income; it must be because I live within my income. Anyway, I was excited and had to tell somebody, so here I am.
The other reason I'm here is that I'm still having akathesia at bedtime almost every night. Tomorrow night I'm going to skip the melatonin and fish oil that I take at bedtime, and see if that makes a difference. If not, it must just be this fibro flare. It is a common fibro symptom and I've done it before when I was flaring. It's frustrating because lack of sleep aggravates the whole fibro problem.
Somebody just set of a HUGE firecracker - either that or the sale barn exploded - and I have Jethro in my lap. So I'd better stop here. I just had to tell you all of this. Sleep well tonight, and pray that this flare ends soon. The good thing is that I've managed to work full-time during it, and I feel very reassured by that. But I'd still like your prayers.
Adore you,

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