Saturday, September 27, 2014

Drat Glen Campbell Again

Dear John,

I've had a quiet day. I dusted, vacuumed, and did two loads of laundry first thing this morning and got it out of the way. Since then I've knitted - when I was awake, that is. I've slept an appalling portion of the day. I know that I need to do that when I'm flaring, though. When I can fall asleep while knitting, it is clear that a nap is in order.
Now I'm watching Notre Dame play Syracuse at the Meadowlands. Syracuse appears to be playing in baseball uniforms. They're in gray, with navy sleeves and knee socks, and red helmets. It looks like they sent the baseball team by mistake. Oops - that baseball team just recovered a Notre Dame fumble.

See the tree, how big it's grown.
I took this photo of our locust tree today. I posted it on Facebook so our poor, benighted friends in Florida could see some fall color. My brain started playing "Honey" again, drat Glen Campbell. It hasn't been very long since we planted it together, has it? But there was no relational drama like there is in the song. I love the tree: it's beautiful all year, it doesn't drop anything even in storms, the leaves are too small to need raking, it gives good shade, it's grown fast, and they live a long time. And Elyssa has discovered that it's good for climbing. What more could you ask of a tree? That's why I got another one a year ago. I planted that one with Jim and Irene, not you. And it's growing well, like the other one. But this one is our locust tree - we picked it and planted it and watered it. And see, how big it's grown! Drat Glen Campbell.
Enjoy looking at our tree, know that Hunter loves my knitting bag and that I'm watching the game. And know that we all miss you. I can't speak for the tree, but it seems that all of nature should mourn you. Sleep well, and don't forget to pray for your little family.
Adore you,

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