Thursday, September 18, 2014

How I Defied Gravity and Courted Poverty

Dear John,
I defied gravity today. At my age, it is notable any time that I defy gravity. So I am noting it.
My tummy bug has been lower-GI. At 2:00 this morning it moved uphill. You can imagine my delight. I was up until 4:00, to the exuberant enjoyment of all the critters, who celebrated my discomfort by bounding and crashing all around the house. I still had hopes of getting to work until the alarm went off at 5:45, I sat up, and the room swam until I lay back down.
I slept until 8:00, then repeated the animal-laptop-cuddling-in-bed routine. Bless their hearts, the animals are so delighted when I do that. They come and purr and cuddle all over me. I read Psalms and did morning prayers in bed, too. And I've done as little as possible all day. Tomorrow is Friday and I am determined to get to work no matter what. It's terrible to be short on a Friday and Connie is already off tomorrow, and I can't afford any more days not working.
You can see what I did today. The brief times I was awake, I sat on the couch in pajamas with a cat in my lap, a knitting book in my hand, and a glass of Ginger Ale. This time it was Hunter, but they've all taken a turn. Look how much he's grown! He's still long and lean, and he must be over fifteen pounds now. He turned two earlier this month. (I know Hunter and Abby were born in early September a year apart, so I've assigned them Mama's birthday on the 7th.)
The gastric issues have settled a bit except for nausea and right upper quadrant pain. I do wish this would run its course and be gone. I need to work, finish the sink, and buy dog food. Please pray for my tummy! I need to stop courting poverty, and any more defying gravity at my age is unnatural.
Adore you,

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