Thursday, September 4, 2014

How I Stumbled into Popularity

Dear John,
I've had a fun day off. I had an appointment with Joe (he's sending me to a urologist - no surprise there), and had some shopping to do while I was in Mishawaka. I needed new slacks because I've lost so much weight that my old black and navy pairs were falling off of me, and I haven't had good brown pants in years. So I went to Kohl's and Macy's and got three pairs of pants and one top, all on sale. Then I went to an accessory shop in the mall and got some headbands and hair clips, and had a lovely talk with the salesclerk who is a nursing student at St. Mary's.   
You know my weakness for peasant tops and long skirts - it dates from the first time they were popular in the 60s. They're back in style, which I like, but today I saw a lovely peasant top that they wanted $98 for. This is not in the spirit of the early peasant tops, is it? I laughed and kept walking.
I'm a leftover earth-mother hippie, and all of a sudden my style has become popular again. Turquoise is back, peasant tops and long skirts are everywhere. Hippie has segued into boho. I'm still selective because my style is simpler than most boho. But what is fashionable is giving me options that I'm not used to having. There are stores I can go into and feel at home. It's strange.
So I will continue to grow out my hair, wear denim and long skirts and peasant tops and bandannas and tie-dye, and laugh because what I've always been has become popular. I will enjoy the availability of suitable clothing as long as I can. When leather and miniskirts come back, I'll return to making my own clothes. Who knew that whatever-it-is-that-I-am would be stylish?
Bless you, you loved me as I am. You never needed to label me or bring me up-to-date or change me in any way. You loved me in peasant skirts and a turquoise bandana in college, and you still do. You never tried to make me look or act sophisticated. Of course, if that was what you'd wanted in a girl, you never would have been interested in me in the first place.
So go to sleep tonight knowing that I'm still the same old me. And I have some new clothes, and in a smaller size than I've worn in years. I will boldly go where I've always gone - as far as fashion goes, anyway. When I get there, you'll have no trouble recognizing me. I'll be the only one in Heaven in a turquoise bandanna.
Keep watching for me,

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