Friday, September 12, 2014

Keep on Trudging

Dear John,
It's 10:00 on Friday night. I'm in bed with the dog and the laptop, and the cats are arrayed in various window sills. It's 53 degrees and the windows are open just a few inches. Tomorrow night's low is 40. I think we've seen the end of summer.
I worked my Friday in the drive-up and mowed when I got home. It's getting harder to finish before dark. The grass was long today since it's rained almost every day this week. I mowed last Saturday and needed to mow Tuesday after work, but it was pouring rain so that didn't happen. When I got done today it was too dark to trim.
One of my widowfriends posted this today. It's her anniversary, as you probably know since I'm sure you men hang out together. This is very much what it's like here for us. We're in our widow's weeds trudging through the bleakest landscape imaginable, with nothing visible ahead of us. And no, I'm not unhappy today. This is just our reality. This is everyday life for us. We smile and laugh and enjoy our friends and families, and make the best of what we have here. But inside, this is what our lives are like.
I'm glad we widowfriends have each other. Other people can't possibly understand this. We are alone but not alone. And that is good. Please keep praying for all of us, and especially for her on this difficult day.
Trudging toward you,

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