Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Labor

Dear John,
You were AWOL this morning - I had to move the furniture all by myself. Shame on you.
I did what I'd planned and more. I got that second coat of paint on the workroom walls, rearranged the furniture, then rearranged most of the things on the shelves. Now that the china cabinet is in there, I can put the yarn behind cat-proof glass. It's easier to get to and it looks pretty. Then I swept and mopped. Four loads went to the basement. While I was on a roll, I cleaned the kitchen and the laundry room.
The workroom trim still needs to be painted - I may call Chuck and have him do it. I'll tackle lots of things, but it would be a good idea to have a professional painter do that. And I need to have somebody hang the new closet doors in there. I'll get Chuck to give me an estimate on painting the doors while he's here. I'm trying to be realistic about what I can do while I'm working full-time. I have less time but more money - it may be worth paying him to do that.
I'm attaching this photo of Maggie that I took tonight. I swear she grew three inches overnight. This morning she walked across the bed and I though she was Abby. I knew there was a growth spurt coming by how much she's been eating the last few days. But I didn't expect that much all at once! If you want to see her while she's still a kitten, you'd better hurry and get here. She's already lost her kitten fuzz and has real adult cat hair now. And I think she's going to be long-haired. Her coat is really beautiful.
All this growth is also tiring her out. She's slept almost all weekend. Except, of course, in the middle of last night. I woke up with her pouncing on me. She'd sit on my feet and pounce on my knees, or on my side and pounce on my arms. You get the idea. It's normal, healthy play for kittens as they learn how to be predators. And it's completely adorable. But slightly less adorable at 3:00 in the morning.
Speaking of which, it's bedtime for all mammals here. Jethro is already sound asleep at my feet. I'm back to work tomorrow so I'd better join him. Even though you weren't here to move the furniture, feel free to stop in and look at the results. As I was cleaning up after painting, I found myself looking forward to you coming home and seeing it. So, come home already!
I'll leave the light on,

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